Where am I? 6 data and user insights that took our UX to the next level

The ‘I just don’t know why I’m here’ update

The localisation rabbit hole

The ‘there were a lot of icons’ update

The ‘where on earth am I?’ update

A / B Testing

The ‘who even types these days’ update

Voice entry
Scanning 3 word addresses — coming soon

What’s next?

Since releasing v.4.0 in June, v.4.0.2 is already live as we’ve made some tweaks and ironed out a few bugs. Although the jump from v.3.0 to v.4.0 has been a big iteration, we are generally more focused on smaller, more rapid iterations.

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what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique 3 word address.